Ahegao – The new fashion trend

If you are a manga and hentai fan, then you probably know what “ahegao” is. If you don’t, then you should definitely get in touch with the new trends. As the mania for ahegao rises, many people have embraced the idea of drawing inspiration from the wave and express their individualism through the weird and rebellious manga theme.

Ahegao, also known as the O-Face, has been slowly gaining popularity ever since its first depictions in the 1990s. It is characterized by a person, usually a girl, with their eyes rolled back and tongue hanging out. Starting from the Japanese erotic anime and manga, the orgasmic facial expression has quickly made its way onto the fashion scene.

Wearing manga and hentai is still as popular way of self-expression as wearing your favorite football team’s T-shirt might be. However, in recent years even the erotic art fans do not shy away from flaunting their lifestyle with clothes of choice. Until now, there was not enough supply for the rising demand of ahegao tees, but a few companies have taken over the online marketplace platforms, especially Aliexpress. Now, you can easily cop an ahegao piece for well below $50 a piece.

Because now it is not only a temporary trend – wearing ahegao-inspired apparel has turned into a fetish and enthusiasts from Japan and all over the world buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and even skirts and stockings with their favorite hentai characters making the O-face. The most popular themes include anime layovers of different faces all printed on one and the same piece.

Wearing such clothes will surely be a quite provocative and otherworldly act. Some might feel embarrassed to even be in the presence of people wearing such apparel. But to some is a rebellious act of individualism and self-expression. On the other hand, all these designs are purely inspired by fantasy and anime, so nobody gets actually hurt. It’s a free world and people shouldn’t be persecuted for choosing what to wear.

The popularity of ahegao has encouraged lots of retailers to start delivering pieces featuring the silly faces. You can literally either choose from one of the tens of websites offering ahegao merch, or you can make one yourself. However, a lot of the companies who try to sell ahegao apparel face legal trouble over the copyrights of their designs, which actually makes the black and white or colorful pieces even more attractive and hipster. At the end of the day, the more you outlaw a movement, the more followers it will gain.

While such clothes are not expensive at all and may range from as much as 8 to 15 euro for tees and up to 22 euro for sweatshirts and hoodies, the dispute on whether it is a good idea to wear the ahegao designs in public will remain relevant. You can buy ahegao hoodies from coolhoodies.co Nevertheless, the viral trend cannot be stopped and it is bound to continue its existence and it might as well expand to new heights one day too. 

Juno Reborn Baby dolls we all Love

Do you have a son who adores puppies? Give him this junoreborns baby dolls that look real and watch the smile that lights up his face! Not only will it form the perfect toy for him but it will teach your boy to care for animals too.

So what actually makes the juno baby dolls that look real the right reborn baby doll for a boy?

Features and Benefits

9 piece playset that inspires creativity

All together, the baby doll and the accessories form a 9 piece playset. That provides the right recipe for the toddler to get imaginative and creative. The pieces include cuddly baby Finn, diaper, bottle, plush puppy among others

It thus lets the young mind get wild with imagination on how to use each item. In addition, it puts him on the right track of learning for instance how to change baby diapers

Handcrafted details

With artfully handcrafted details, the juno doll presents the hard to ignore beauty. From the hand-painted nails, hand applied eyelashes, to the 3D ears, the doll is rich in all the details a boy longs to have.

Realistic size and weight

The doll boasts a 17-inch height from toe to head.  Added to the rational height is the 3 pounds weight. So it presents the perfect play toy for a toddler. And when the play gets interesting and emotions show, Juno doll presents a huggable form.

 Why, because it looks and feels like a real baby.

Made by a pioneering company of toys

With over 20 years in making dolls, Juno Reborns presents the beyond average doll that nurtures toddlers skills’.  As the name suggests it offers a juno to your child, the result of years of research and testing.

To further confirm on the dolls quality, the toy is backed up by 30 days guarantee of total refund.

Matching accessories that promise hours of play

With over 9 matching accessories, your child will never get bored with play time. That gives you the parent more time to attend to other chores. He only has to switch from one mind hooking activity to the other.

Designed with a striking appearance

The plush puppy too, beautiful eyes and gorgeous brown eyes say it all about the juno reborns  It commands the charming appearance to knock every toddler off his feet.

The blue and white striped comfy bed further exaggerates the juno setting.

Notice even the puppy appliqué and the ribbing along the leg openings, sleeve, and collar?

The gentle vinyl touch

The limbs and the face of the baby doll feature the gentle vinyl touch. It thus closely mimics the texture of an actual baby.


  • Feels and looks like the real baby
  • Hand-crafted to superior quality
  • Can be clothed into the newborn clothing
  • Meets the safety standard threshold of ASTM F963 for ages 3 years and above


•    It attracts the higher price tag


If your desire is for your toddler to develop an all-around set of skills, then try the JL Reborn baby doll.  No wonder it has garnered over 2000 positive reviews from satisfied users. Do you wish to read about the first-hand experience of real customers? Just click below and get more insights into the juno reborns baby dolls and accessories! With over 800 answered questions, you’ve got all that you need to know about the toy.

Outstanding Toys

Too many soft toys in your closet? It’s time to make space for more. These cute creations from LINE FRIENDS are too hard to resist.

The Plushie

The BT21 Character Plush Standing Figures are bt21 soft toys and a great way to spruce up your interiors. You can get them from Juno Plushies. The seven toys which are part of this line and their dimensions are as follows:

Chimmy – 180 (L) x 120 (W) x 280 (H)

Cooky – 170 (L) x 140 (W) x 300 (H)

Koya – 180 (L) x 120 (W) x 280 (H)

Mang – 180 (L) x 120 (W) x 280 (H)

RJ –  200 (L) x 150 (W) x 390 (H)

Tata – 300 (L) x 130 (W) x 280 (H)

Van – 170 (L) x 140 (W) x 300 (H)

The toys are made of 100% Polyester and are priced at $33 on btsmerch They are created with high-grade materials for comfort and long life. They are soft, snuggly and easy to carry around when you travel. The product ships in a black box with one transparent side through which the product is clearly visible. This works well for collectors who wish to display the doll without having to remove it from the case. The item cannot be machine washed.


The product comes in a black box. The box is sealed with BT21 line customized tape to prevent damage on opening. One side of the box is clear for displaying the doll and has the character and the BT21 name at the bottom. The opposite side has a picture of the figure and its signature. The LINE FRIENDS official sticker is at the bottom of the box.

The product is guaranteed to be authentic, and not overpriced, if purchased from LINE FRIENDS. The toys are made from quality fabrics to give them a soft and cuddly feel. The products are cute and come with the character name tag. The stitching on the product looks durable. RJ is the tallest of the lot by a large margin and Tata with the heart face is the widest. Despite the name, don’t expect the toys to stand on their own without support.

Some customers have taken the doll on its own adventures through dust, dirt, sand and the like and reported that the toy still looks and feels as good as new. The debris brushes out without staining and occasionally wiping it with a wet cloth is enough to keep it looking good.

Some fans received products that matched the pictures uploaded by the seller, others received different versions. Some dolls like RJ, Chimmy, and Cooky have undergone changes in design evoking mixed reactions from customers. One such change was replacing the wired ears of Cooky with stitched versions which fans were disappointed with. Some dolls are smaller than buyers would’ve liked. For bigger sizes, go for the cushions instead. While the toys are expensive, most customers did not mind the price.

Customers who purchased from other sellers reported fake products. Shipping costs can be high. Some buyers reported damage to the package and the box in which the product arrived. A couple mentioned stray threads on the product. One customer said the product looked like it had been opened and returned. Another got the RJ doll with a hole in its arm.

Final Thoughts

These one-of-a-kind BT21 soft toys have their cuteness factor amplified. Whether you’re a collector or someone who loves soft toys, they will make a great addition to your collection. Alternately, they make for adorable gifts. Be prepared to pay the price for it, though. P

I Tried the Instant Pot. Here is what I think about it

So what’s an Instant Pot?

It’s an improvement over the traditional slow cooker.

More precisely it’s a programmable multi-cooker that combines the roles of seven different kitchen appliances; it can work as;

  • An electric pressure cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Steamer
  • Warming pot
  • Yogurt maker
  • Brownie pan

So instead of having seven different kitchen tools which occupies much space, the instant pot a single unit assumes all the roles.

Essential Features about the Instant Pot

Fortunately for those not familiar with the tool, it comes complete with the instruction manual. The instruction guide will familiarize you with the gadget on the primary requirement. However, it isn’t that complicated to use. Load your cooking items, cover it and plug it into the wall socket. What justifies it as a modern electric cooker is its self-safety regulatory property.  It self-monitors the temperature and pressure. No worry about it ever exploding.

However it takes about 15 minutes to build pressure

Its Benefits

It is fitted with a fully stainless steel inner pot that houses the food to be cooked. Its nonstick pot that is removable for cleaning

It offers alternative uses. Thus; when your stove or oven breaks you, wont have to worry so much. For a small sized kitchen, it’s more convenient since it occupies a smaller space.

This electric cooker saves cooking time. For instance, a recipe that would usually take around 7 hours in the slow cooker would be ready in about an hour.

It’s programmable, unlike the usual pressure cookers. Thus I can quickly load my food on it and set the cooker to switch on hours later while I’m away.

The cooker consumes less energy since it self-regulates when to draw in the current.

Important Points to Note about Instant Pressure Cooker

From my experience, the electric pressure cooker performs better on some recipes than others. For example, it doesn’t perform excellently on vegetables. On the other hand, it excels in preparing recipes that usually takes longer time like bone broth soup and short ribs.

In a broad-spectrum, it isn’t wise for cooking food that would take 20 minutes or less since the cooker itself takes about 15 minutes to build up the pressure. Consequently, it isn’t perfect for preparing crunchy foods.

The Best Recipes to Cook in Instant Pot

After using the electric pressure cooker, I can happily say that you can’t use that kitchen tool in preparing everything. As a general rule, it best suits recipes with results that demand softness or tenderness. You can try to cook beans, soup or stew with the instant pot. Your taste buds will love you for that.

Although this cooker denies me the chance of watching my food as it cooks, I love it for the fact it makes the cooking of a fresh homemade meal a lot easier and faster. It’s important to take your time and learn the timing for different recipes on the cooker.

More Details:

Copper Chef Square Pan

What Makes a Gotham Steel Pan Stand Out?

What Makes a Gotham Steel Pan Stand Out?

Cooking is a task that requires keenness and patience. Therefore with the wrong cookware, it will become even a more difficult and unpleasant task. When preparing food you need a pan with the fine performance.

Looking at gotham steel reviews a Gotham steel pan stands out among other cooking types of equipment due to its unique features. To begin with, it’s made from the aluminum, material.  Then finally a coating is provided on the inner layer to give it the non-stick feature.

The Outstanding Features of the Gotham Steel Pan

  • Weight and the Pan Material

Moving a hot and heavy pan from the oven to the cook stove isn’t an easy task. That’s why Gotham steel pans have been made from aluminum material. A perfect balanced have been achieved to make them neither too light nor too heavy.

  • A Sturdy Metallic Handle

Although some cookware prefers rubberized handles, Gotham steel pans employ entirely metallic handles. That makes the handles to bear even heavy food weights. Moreover, the all steel handle is more tolerant to heat than other nonstick equipment which uses plastic or rubberized handles.

  • High-Temperature Tolerance

Since the cookware is made from aluminum, it will withstand even extreme temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius without breaking down. Therefore cooks who take seared red meat or tuna will find the equipment quite adapted to preparing such foods, even in the oven. With the high-temperature tolerance, the equipment fits use on the grill, oven, and stove.

  • The Non-Stick Ability

The pan is of aluminum material with ceramic and titanium coating. The coating ensures that food prepared on the pan does not stick to its surface but instead slides out quickly, once the cooking process is over. The aluminum forms the correct material owing to its high conductivity and light weight.

  • Doesn’t Require Seasoning

Unlike other cooking pans, the Gotham ware doesn’t require periodic seasoning. All that is necessary is to wash, dry up and keep it safe. Spraying some oil onto the pan is highly frowned upon by the manufacturer.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning the piece of equipment after cooking is an easy task.  That has been made possible with two features; it’s relatively light and dishwasher safe.

  • Doesn’t Rust

With the aluminum material titanium coating and steel handle, this equipment is rust proof. That’s an added advantage of these pans.

A few Limitations of the Gotham Pan

Here are a few concerns to know about the pan;

Since it has been constructed from an aluminum material, it can’t fit cooking using the induction stove. That is because of aluminum, not a ferromagnetic material. Besides, since its handles are metallic, during cooking, they are likely to get warm. Hence no direct contact is encouraged instead the use of oven mitts is preferred instead.

Another fact that you have to consider when using these pans is that the manufactures highly prohibit the use of oil on the pans. Cooking using oil encourages faster degradation of the protective layer.

 Bottom Line

Gotham steel pans are nice cooking equipment that has to be well taken care of. Also, medium heat is preferred since the aluminum material conducts heat very fast. Keep off from using any oil with these pans, and they will last for a longer duration.