I Tried the Instant Pot. Here is what I think about it

So what’s an Instant Pot?

It’s an improvement over the traditional slow cooker.

More precisely it’s a programmable multi-cooker that combines the roles of seven different kitchen appliances; it can work as;

  • An electric pressure cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Steamer
  • Warming pot
  • Yogurt maker
  • Brownie pan

So instead of having seven different kitchen tools which occupies much space, the instant pot a single unit assumes all the roles.

Essential Features about the Instant Pot

Fortunately for those not familiar with the tool, it comes complete with the instruction manual. The instruction guide will familiarize you with the gadget on the primary requirement. However, it isn’t that complicated to use. Load your cooking items, cover it and plug it into the wall socket. What justifies it as a modern electric cooker is its self-safety regulatory property.  It self-monitors the temperature and pressure. No worry about it ever exploding.

However it takes about 15 minutes to build pressure

Its Benefits

It is fitted with a fully stainless steel inner pot that houses the food to be cooked. Its nonstick pot that is removable for cleaning

It offers alternative uses. Thus; when your stove or oven breaks you, wont have to worry so much. For a small sized kitchen, it’s more convenient since it occupies a smaller space.

This electric cooker saves cooking time. For instance, a recipe that would usually take around 7 hours in the slow cooker would be ready in about an hour.

It’s programmable, unlike the usual pressure cookers. Thus I can quickly load my food on it and set the cooker to switch on hours later while I’m away.

The cooker consumes less energy since it self-regulates when to draw in the current.

Important Points to Note about Instant Pressure Cooker

From my experience, the electric pressure cooker performs better on some recipes than others. For example, it doesn’t perform excellently on vegetables. On the other hand, it excels in preparing recipes that usually takes longer time like bone broth soup and short ribs.

In a broad-spectrum, it isn’t wise for cooking food that would take 20 minutes or less since the cooker itself takes about 15 minutes to build up the pressure. Consequently, it isn’t perfect for preparing crunchy foods.

The Best Recipes to Cook in Instant Pot

After using the electric pressure cooker, I can happily say that you can’t use that kitchen tool in preparing everything. As a general rule, it best suits recipes with results that demand softness or tenderness. You can try to cook beans, soup or stew with the instant pot. Your taste buds will love you for that.

Although this cooker denies me the chance of watching my food as it cooks, I love it for the fact it makes the cooking of a fresh homemade meal a lot easier and faster. It’s important to take your time and learn the timing for different recipes on the cooker.

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What Makes a Gotham Steel Pan Stand Out?

What Makes a Gotham Steel Pan Stand Out?

Cooking is a task that requires keenness and patience. Therefore with the wrong cookware, it will become even a more difficult and unpleasant task. When preparing food you need a pan with the fine performance.

Looking at gotham steel reviews a Gotham steel pan stands out among other cooking types of equipment due to its unique features. To begin with, it’s made from the aluminum, material.  Then finally a coating is provided on the inner layer to give it the non-stick feature.

The Outstanding Features of the Gotham Steel Pan

  • Weight and the Pan Material

Moving a hot and heavy pan from the oven to the cook stove isn’t an easy task. That’s why Gotham steel pans have been made from aluminum material. A perfect balanced have been achieved to make them neither too light nor too heavy.

  • A Sturdy Metallic Handle

Although some cookware prefers rubberized handles, Gotham steel pans employ entirely metallic handles. That makes the handles to bear even heavy food weights. Moreover, the all steel handle is more tolerant to heat than other nonstick equipment which uses plastic or rubberized handles.

  • High-Temperature Tolerance

Since the cookware is made from aluminum, it will withstand even extreme temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius without breaking down. Therefore cooks who take seared red meat or tuna will find the equipment quite adapted to preparing such foods, even in the oven. With the high-temperature tolerance, the equipment fits use on the grill, oven, and stove.

  • The Non-Stick Ability

The pan is of aluminum material with ceramic and titanium coating. The coating ensures that food prepared on the pan does not stick to its surface but instead slides out quickly, once the cooking process is over. The aluminum forms the correct material owing to its high conductivity and light weight.

  • Doesn’t Require Seasoning

Unlike other cooking pans, the Gotham ware doesn’t require periodic seasoning. All that is necessary is to wash, dry up and keep it safe. Spraying some oil onto the pan is highly frowned upon by the manufacturer.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning the piece of equipment after cooking is an easy task.  That has been made possible with two features; it’s relatively light and dishwasher safe.

  • Doesn’t Rust

With the aluminum material titanium coating and steel handle, this equipment is rust proof. That’s an added advantage of these pans.

A few Limitations of the Gotham Pan

Here are a few concerns to know about the pan;

Since it has been constructed from an aluminum material, it can’t fit cooking using the induction stove. That is because of aluminum, not a ferromagnetic material. Besides, since its handles are metallic, during cooking, they are likely to get warm. Hence no direct contact is encouraged instead the use of oven mitts is preferred instead.

Another fact that you have to consider when using these pans is that the manufactures highly prohibit the use of oil on the pans. Cooking using oil encourages faster degradation of the protective layer.

 Bottom Line

Gotham steel pans are nice cooking equipment that has to be well taken care of. Also, medium heat is preferred since the aluminum material conducts heat very fast. Keep off from using any oil with these pans, and they will last for a longer duration.