Juno Reborn Baby dolls we all Love

Do you have a son who adores puppies? Give him this junoreborns baby dolls that look real and watch the smile that lights up his face! Not only will it form the perfect toy for him but it will teach your boy to care for animals too.

So what actually makes the juno baby dolls that look real the right reborn baby doll for a boy?

Features and Benefits

9 piece playset that inspires creativity

All together, the baby doll and the accessories form a 9 piece playset. That provides the right recipe for the toddler to get imaginative and creative. The pieces include cuddly baby Finn, diaper, bottle, plush puppy among others

It thus lets the young mind get wild with imagination on how to use each item. In addition, it puts him on the right track of learning for instance how to change baby diapers

Handcrafted details

With artfully handcrafted details, the juno doll presents the hard to ignore beauty. From the hand-painted nails, hand applied eyelashes, to the 3D ears, the doll is rich in all the details a boy longs to have.

Realistic size and weight

The doll boasts a 17-inch height from toe to head.  Added to the rational height is the 3 pounds weight. So it presents the perfect play toy for a toddler. And when the play gets interesting and emotions show, Juno doll presents a huggable form.

 Why, because it looks and feels like a real baby.

Made by a pioneering company of toys

With over 20 years in making dolls, Juno Reborns presents the beyond average doll that nurtures toddlers skills’.  As the name suggests it offers a juno to your child, the result of years of research and testing.

To further confirm on the dolls quality, the toy is backed up by 30 days guarantee of total refund.

Matching accessories that promise hours of play

With over 9 matching accessories, your child will never get bored with play time. That gives you the parent more time to attend to other chores. He only has to switch from one mind hooking activity to the other.

Designed with a striking appearance

The plush puppy too, beautiful eyes and gorgeous brown eyes say it all about the juno reborns  It commands the charming appearance to knock every toddler off his feet.

The blue and white striped comfy bed further exaggerates the juno setting.

Notice even the puppy appliqué and the ribbing along the leg openings, sleeve, and collar?

The gentle vinyl touch

The limbs and the face of the baby doll feature the gentle vinyl touch. It thus closely mimics the texture of an actual baby.


  • Feels and looks like the real baby
  • Hand-crafted to superior quality
  • Can be clothed into the newborn clothing
  • Meets the safety standard threshold of ASTM F963 for ages 3 years and above


•    It attracts the higher price tag


If your desire is for your toddler to develop an all-around set of skills, then try the JL Reborn baby doll.  No wonder it has garnered over 2000 positive reviews from satisfied users. Do you wish to read about the first-hand experience of real customers? Just click below and get more insights into the juno reborns baby dolls and accessories! With over 800 answered questions, you’ve got all that you need to know about the toy.


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